Is your workspace style being cramped by storage?

As we all know, space is precious and even more importantly space is money. With ever increasing rents, optimising the workspace we have already seems a great idea. However, UK legislation rules that all businesses must keep their trading history for a minimum of 6 years plus the current year.

So how much space is this taking up? What are you actually keeping – just in case the taxman wants to check that milk receipt for 75p from 2011? Whilst digital storage is becoming ever more prevalent, many businesses still prefer to keep the original hard copies.

In my previous life as a hotel manager, the quantities of paperwork going for audit-trail storage was quite surprising when it’s all added up. I’ll briefly lay this out… Every guest signs a registration card on arrival (hard copy), this is normally attached with their booking confirmation, signed restaurant dockets and followed with a copy invoice at the end. For said 90-bedroom hotel, this equated to 2 average sized archive boxes a month. Note – this is for the sales audit only. Purchase records added an extra box per month. 3 per month, 36 per year; multiply by 6 (years) and that’s 216 archive boxes or let’s say 9m3.

9m3 you say? Doesn’t sound much. But once you’ve added shelving and space to access these records for a toilet brush purchase 5 years ago, we may as well have written off a whole bedroom. And this was for a relatively small business, not forgetting the current year’s records precariously looming on shelves over our heads in the already under-sized office.

But it’s not all space doom, gloom and precarious loom. Yet so many businesses are averse to sending this unhealthy volume of document boxes for outsourced storage, presumably off-put by cost. Surely nobody actually thinks it’s important to keep the petty cash receipts in reach just in case? Even if an officer of Her Majesty’s purse was to come to check your records, notice would be given.

Most archive companies will show polished images of row upon row of neatly arranged boxes in a clinically pristine centre, where each box is within reach within a moment and this is where the pre-perceived idea of cost comes in.

Here’s my solution – bulk archiving. We will collect your archive (in whatever way you wish to present it). It will then be consolidated at our site, (in true logistics style) into box pallets holding between 30-40 boxes each, contents logged and then sealed. It’s then popped into our secure warehouse and held for however long is needed.

And should that unfortunate telephone call from the tax inspector occur, a single folder or a single box can be picked from the pallet and returned by overnight courier. Once the six-year window has passed, or whenever you see fit, we can also then arrange for the archive to be confidentially disposed of without you needing to spend several days at the office shredder.

The bottom line bargain you’ve been hanging on for – that’s at just £165.00 per pallet per year. A ridiculously cheap answer to your space issues at 1.2p, per box, per day.